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"Prevention is better than cure!" It is my firm belief that doing these exercises regularly can prevent and relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety and M.S., as well as strengthening the body, boosting the immune system and improving the quality of life.

Dr Xiao S F (Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Tai Chi Practitioner. Kidderminster, West Midlands)


"After many years of severe back pain and having tried various treatments, I was depressed and felt that the pain ruled my life.  I came to Barry's class and it completely rebalanced and strengthened my back. With grateful thanks."

Amanda J (Stourbridge West Midlands)


Before meeting Barry, I suffered from arthritis of most of my joints: my feet, hands, hips etc. I met Barry through a mutual friend who told me of the Chi Baton®. I was under consultants, hospital appointments, regular physio, the lot. After starting the Chi Baton I began to feel better over a period of time. Now I have started back to work and resumed keeping fit again, which I did a lot before my illness. Since doing Chi Baton® Exercises, I feel my health has improved one hundred per cent. Thank you Barry.

Steve R (Walsall, West Midlands)


I have been attending Barry's Chinese Yoga class for over five years now and still enjoy every single class. Unlike most classes, we undertake a wide variety of exercise including Chi Baton®, core strengthening and breathing exercises, so you never get bored. Barry has an extensive knowledge of the workings of the human body and will often tailor a class to suit a problem area, for example the back or shoulders. I am convinced that it is the practices learnt at these classes that have helped me cope with my recent cancer treatments. However tired  I feel before a class I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. L.P


I can recommend Chi Baton® Yoga to beginners or students of yoga looking for something different. After a very short time  you start to feel the benefits. Barry is an excellent teacher who explains the exercise simply and thoroughly. No time to get bored repeating classes as they are constantly changing. There is also an element of fun in the classes. I hate to have to miss a class. A.J.


Top quality instruction from a highly qualified and experienced master G.V.


Barry is an accomplished and knowledgeable teacher, a true master of his profession and a wonderful caring human being to boot! Can’t praise him enough. C.B.

I’ve been going to Barry Westley’s Tai Chi classes for just over 2 years and have found it extremely beneficial. It has improved my posture, balance and my whole well being. Besides the tutor who is excellent and friendly the whole group value Barry’s abilities and enjoy the lessons immensely. V.B.

Top quality instruction from a highly qualified and experienced master. An excellent instructor. Whether you are looking for a brilliant exercise system or to develop your martial skills I can highly recommend him. J.S.


I started going to Chi Baton® 6 years ago after being diagnosed with cancer, and found it extremely beneficial both then and now. I am sure that my continued good health is down to adopting so many of the class principles in everyday life. Barry is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and designs his programmes round the needs of his classes, and is always willing to add things in on request. It has been invaluable in many ways - gentle, but powerful exercise, strengthens the core, helps with breathing and supporting my health. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive of one another and I have made many lifetime friends as a result of going to class. S.W.

Barry has a unique way of teaching us things about ourselves that are both insightful and enlightening. His passion for Tai Chi comes through in his training sessions and his observations on many aspects of life have had a positive impact on me personally and how I live my life. J.S.


Barry is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. His love of Tai Chi is communicated to the whole class. He instils so much energy into each session, it just makes us want more of the same. To me, Barry has given an insight into both the art and science of this fascinating subject. G.W.

World Class Martial Artist, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qigong Master and all round good guy. Developer of Chi Baton®. If you want authentic Chinese esoteric arts, look no further. M.H.

As a Chinese lady doctor who taught Chi Gung in China told me, "Barry is better than her master in China and a better teacher too." G.D.




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