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Chi Baton Exercises


Chi Baton® Exercises (formerly Chi-Baton Yoga), were developed to aid flexibility, boost internal energy and strengthen muscles, ligaments and the cardio-vascular system.
The Chi Baton® is a short rod, with shaped ends that is held between the palms contacting the acupuncture points.  It aids correct posture, controls the breathing and allows the body's internal energy to flow.

Chi Baton® Exercises are low impact, gentle and rhythmic.  They were formulated by Barry Westley to systematically strengthen the physical and energetic structure of the body and are suitable for all ages and most physical conditions.  (Although, as with any exercise programme you should first consult your doctor).


"Prevention is better than cure!" It is my firm belief that doing these exercises regularly can prevent and relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety and M.S., as well as strengthening the body, boosting the immune system and improving the quality of life.

Dr Xiao S F (Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Tai Chi Practitioner. Kidderminster, West Midlands)


"After many years of severe back pain and having tried various treatments, I was depressed and felt that the pain ruled my life.  I came to Barry's class and it completely rebalanced and strengthened my back. With grateful thanks."

Amanda J (Stourbridge West Midlands)


Before meeting Barry, I suffered from arthritis of most of my joints: my feet, hands, hips etc. I met Barry through a mutual friend who told me of the Chi Baton®. I was under consultants, hospital appointments, regular physio, the lot. After starting the Chi Baton I began to feel better over a period of time. Now I have started back to work and resumed keeping fit again, which I did a lot before my illness. Since doing Chi Baton® Exercises, I feel my health has improved one hundred per cent. Thank you Barry.

Steve R (Walsall, West Midlands)

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