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Shiatsu, literally "finger pressure", is a Japanese art which combines techniques of acupressure, massage and manipulation.
In Shiatsu, practitioners press along meridian lines on the body.  These "channels of living magnetic energy" pass through the body and contact the vital organs.
Healing Shiatsu, pioneered by Sonia Moriceau, treats the whole body, focuses on sensitivity of touch and intuitive understanding.  Much of the practitioner's training focuses on meditation and self development.
Barry Westley has been a fully qualified Healing Shiatsu Practitioner since 1994.

In Healing the healer acts as an energetic reference point or "tuning fork".  This helps enable the receiver to come to a point of balance.

Healers may work on the aura or chakras, sensing disparity with their hands and using spiritual energy to balance the receiver.
Barry Westley has been healing since 1994, and is a qualified healer through the college of healing at Malvern.


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